Modern life forces us to keep a cutthroat rhythm of life and it is very difficult to fit time into our schedules to work out every day. This, combined with long hours sitting in front of a computer in the office makes it very easy for our body to become rigid, tight… and start suffering from musculoskeletal pain, contractures, and other issues.

Luckily, even if you have no time to fit the gym into your schedule there are simple, discreet Work Chair Exercises to do during your breaks that will help you get healthier.

For example, use your chair in seated back rows, tricep dips, seated hip trusts, Russian twists, or leg lifts. Exercises that you can easily do while standing up are lunges, squats or planks if you are bold and don’t mind getting looks. Jogging in place or stretching is also extremely beneficial when it comes to preventing and stopping back pain.

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