Vitamins are crucial to keep our body in working order, and lacking one is enough to throw our entire body into disarray. However, it is very difficult to keep track of vitamins, what they are, what do they do and how to get each and every one of them: there are just so many!

Vitamin D is very well known, but its subtypes are less famous: D2 and D3. They both have a similar role in the body, and they are gotten through similar means: your body produces it on its own when you are exposed to the Sun.

Vitamin D3 is crucial to the absorption of calcium, which is necessary for healthy bones and teeth; but it has a significant role in many other things such as cardiovascular health, insulin management, the health of the lungs and it can help the immune system function better as well. All in all, try to stay at least5 minutes a day under the Sun to stay healthy!

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