You’ve probably heard about how healthy the green leafy vegetables are. But why are they so healthy? There are two main reasons.

First of all, they are very rich in micronutrients and vitamins. And that’s very important because they are the building blocks of our body’s cells.

The second reason is that most of them have very few calories. Let me give you an example. About 900 grams of watercress equals 100 calories. That’s amazing because there’s no way you are getting fat by eating that. And not to mention that you are gonna be feeling so full afterward.

It really solves the problem of being hungry while on a diet. Even eating other leafy greens like spinach, lettuce and kale are gonna have similar benefits.

These types of veggies should be a part of everyone’s diet. Just pick the ones you like and go with those. You are not 5 anymore! Eat your veggies!

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