To stay fit throughout our lives we must train regularly. The training generates great psychophysical well-being and that is why sometimes we train so hard and injuries occur. One of the most common effects of training is DOMs, which means “Delayed Onset Muscle soreness”.

This pain begins to feel 12 to 24 hours after intense physical exercise. Fortunately, the DOMs Recovery is possible and only some smart strategies should be applied.

There are several ways to achieve a DOMs Recovery, you must choose the one that best suits your preferences. First of all, doing a full stretching session is very effective, the muscles really relax and recover.

You can also massage yourself or hire a massage therapist. Other athletes choose to bathe under a cold shower, others under a hot shower, others bathe alternating cold water with hot water.

Remember that post-workout muscle pain is normal and it’s part of your physical transformation.

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