A healthy life is based on proper nutrition, constant physical activity, and good sleep. Daily training brings many benefits to the physical and mental health of the individual. Cardiovascular exercises are the ones that contribute the most in weight loss, muscle tone, and increased mood.

Cardio benefits are felt from the first day you start training. Cardio exercises can be easily incorporated into your daily routine: walking, biking, dancing, jogging, up and downstairs, running, among others.

Cardio benefits improve your physical health: it accelerates metabolism, burns calories, eliminates fats, strengthens the immune system, strengthens the heart, increases physical endurance, regulates blood pressure, improves digestion, etc.

Your mental health also improves, you feel more energetic, you are in a good mood, you have a willingness to carry out your activities, etc. You can start exercising right now in a simple way: go for a walk, bike ride, and get used to up and downstairs.

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