Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one of the best ways to alleviate the troubles due to arthritis and similar joint ache. The majority of the health practitioners suggest their patients suffering from arthritis to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

Garlic, enriched with allicin compounds is one of the ingredients that can be added for the preparation of foods in an anti-inflammatory diet. Apart from relieving the risk of inflammations, you can also add garlic to promote the immune health of the body.

The inclusion of aloe vera juice in the diet is one of the best remedial measures to alleviate the effects of ulcers in the abdomen. Inflammations in the body due to small accidents can be also treated by the inclusion of anti-inflammatory foods like aloe vera juice in the diet.

Ginger is one of the common spices added for the preparation of traditional Asian recipes. The presence of gingerol compounds in the food can not only promote the anti-inflammatory property of the body but can also enhance its metabolic activities naturally.

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